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Battleground Mobile India is the most popular game in India. So we come with some little BGMI config files. This ESP file is 100% safe and antiban with all ESP Hack Latest Version.
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Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is the most popular mobile game in India. The latest BGMI ESP Hack Apk is available on our site. This is an online multiplayer battle game that will keep you attached to the gaming world. The world of gaming has become more interested in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), which provides gamers on mobile devices with an incredible gaming experience.

This is an application that’s compatible with many different kinds of Android smartphones. Players may collect more knowledge about their enemies with these files, including their positions and movements of enemies. You can also download Battleground Mobile India from the Google Play Store and meet different players, play with them, and make new friends.

The word BGMI ESP Hack does some advanced features in the original game for better gameplay, adding new features, or boosting graphics. The popularity of these files is continuously growing among Indian gamers who want to add a little fun to their playtime. Players may customize the in-game setting, weapon skins, player suits, vehicle skins, and character looks, among other features.

We’ll explore BGMI’s features, gameplay, community, and some files like ESP, body colour, aim bot, auto-aim, no smoke, no recoil, no shake, and many more. Gamers continue to push their limits while looking for new ways to improve their gaming experiences. BGMI ESP file and body colour changes: Gree Body, Red Body, Yellow Body, Mint Body, Orange Body, and more.

What is the BGMI ESP File?

At the beginning of all, Welcome friends! Are you unhappy and tired of losing in BGMI, your favourite game’s battleground? Well, stop worrying! We’re right here to introduce you to an amazing tool which can completely change your gaming. Introducing BGMI ESP file, your fresh secret tool! It’s important to keep in mind that using any kind of hack represents illegal and unethical gameplay and violations of the terms of service of the game.

Because they provide players with an unequal advantage, ESP hacks mess with the rules of fair play in the game. If you break the terms and conditions of the game, you might face account suspension or an account ban for a minimum of 1 day or a maximum of 10 years.

bgmi esp config file Cover

ESP are mainly used to locate your enemies in Battleground Mobile India. A strong and automatic tool, BGMI ESP Hack, has been designed to boost your gaming experience in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). You are going to gain a huge benefit over the other players thanks to this ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), which offers you special superpowers like player location and much more.

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You can easily find your enemy with the help of ESP and easily catch their moments. If you want to get more details, such as other players’ locations, health, and even the locations of items on the map, ESP in BGMI means changing the game. The ESP file shows a box that shows the names of all players, their health, and their distance. This also shows a loot box, which shows weapons and millies. The BGMI ESP is very underrated but also risky. Several features are worked on under the BGMI ESP Hack menu like:

  • Enemy Box
  • Enemy Line
  • Show Lootbox
  • Show Vehicles
  • Show Item
  • Enemies Name
  • Enemies Health
  • 360° enemy alert
  • Enemies Distance
  • Nearby enemies count

Some additional features of BGMI ESP File

Enemy Box

The enemy box will show you a player’s name, their health, and their enemy distance. So you can easily find and kill enemies with ESP Hack.

bgmi esp config file island

Enemy Line

The enemy line is one side connected with your head, and the second point is connected with your enemy’s headbox, which shows information about other players.

Show Lootbox

The third one is Lootbox, and this box only shows you loot like guns (M416, AKM, M762, SCAR-L, FAMAS, and more) as well as health kits, bandages, painkillers, energy drinks, and airdrops.

bgmi esp loot

Show Vehicles

Sometimes, when you were out of the zone circle, suddenly you didn’t find any kind of vehicle. Or, normally, when you need a vehicle and you don’t find anyone. So this one helps to find your vehicle very easily from a distance.

Enemy Name and Health

Those two are connected to an enemy box, which shows you additional information about other players. Like what is the name of a player and their health status, so you can easily judge your opponent and plan a strategy with your teammates or kill your enemies?

360° enemy alert and Distance

All players are connected through lines with your player’s head; these lines easily alert you about enemies around 360° and show the distance between your player and your enemy.

Enemies and Bot count

This ESP’s features tell you how many enemies and bots are nearby you. On top of your player’s head in a box, count the number of players. So you can easily identify them before you attack them. You can discuss with your teammates about your enemy’s count and attack with a great plan.

Player and Item ESP

Imagine yourself having the chance to see each item of equipment, weapon, and necessity spread all over the map even before you land. With BGMI ESP file, identifying the most valuable loot is easy.

Some Features of BGMI ESP Hack

  • All Esp
  • Most Safest [ File]
  • Simulator AimBot
  • Auto Report Block
  • No Lag / No Crash
  • Smooth graphics
  • ESP Activated
  • Tested Anti-Ban
  • The Enemy’s Count
  • Player Box/Skeleton/Line
  • Player Name, Health, Distance, and 360 Alert
  • No Root Needed

How to Play BGMI in Android

It’s very simple and easy to file BGMI on an Android mobile phone. Just follow these steps:

  • First, uninstall the Google Play Store version from your device.
  • Now download and install our BGMI ESP version.
  • Copy and paste files to the destination folders.
  • Now open the game and activate the ESP and enjoy the gameplay


(32BIT) TIGERX-natKTyl

z2BH4IGO9e (64BIT)


  • Don’t play brutal.
  • Kill limit: 8–10 kills per match
  • Don’t kill over 10.
  • Play like a normal player like you didn’t know about the other player’s activity
  • The first 10 matches on the new ID then apply on the main ID.
  • Play the fair game like other players or avoid reports.


  • How To Use [ Firewall]
  • Start Firewall In ( Spawn Island )
  • Stop Firewall In ( Chicken Or Die )

Play ONLY non-event maps.

How to download and install the BGMI ESP Hack?

  • Firstly, find the download button on our website, click on it, and also find the key to the App.
  • Now, your download has been started.
  • After downloading the BGMI ESP File latest version
  • Now, uninstall the official version of the Battlegrounds Mobile India app if you have already installed it on your device.
  • Now open your phone settings, go to Security, and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, this time, to install the BGMI ESP file Apk, go to your download folder and install the Battlegrounds India App.
  • Now, select and copy the OBB file on Android > OBB folder > create a new folder, “com.pubg.imobile” and paste it in it.
  • Open the Battlegrounds India App
  • Allow “Display Over Other Apps” and all Permission
  • Then close and open the Battleground India game again.
  • Log in with Twitter only.
  • Click on the ESP Menu
  • Enable the menu features that you want.


1. Is the use of BGMI ESP hacks legal?

No, any type of hack is not legal in any kind of game. If you use any hack in any game, you may violate the terms and conditions of the game.

2. What are the risks of using ESP hacks in BGMI?

If you violate the terms of service of the game, then your account may face penalties or a permanent ban by the gaming community.

3. How can I safely use BGMI ESP file?

As well as playing safe, don’t play brutal. Don’t kill more than 10 enemies.



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