Apps Banned by the Google Play Store March 2024

Why Google Play Store ban apps?

The Google Play Store bans apps to protect your privacy and data. The Google Play Store bans apps that spread harmful content, such as adult content, hate speech, malware, or hacking apps. These kinds of apps steal your data, spread harmful content, and violate the terms of service. The Google Play Store restricts such apps to protect its users.

Here are some main reasons why Google Play Store bans apps

  • Policy Violations
  • Harmful Content
  • Data Privacy Risk
  • Copyright Issue
  • Malware and Security Risks

If any app breaks any rule or violates the terms of service, then the Google Play Store will ban that app.

List of Apps Banned by Google Play Store

Google recently removed several Indian apps from the Play Store due to policy violations and non-payment of service fees. Here are the details:

Info Edge’s Naukri.com and 99acres
It is unknown why the Google Play Store banned Info Edge’s apps (Naukri.com and 99acres). It is most likely related to a dispute about Google’s service fees, which could result in removal for non-compliance. Info Edge claims payment fulfillment, implying that it could be the result of technical issues or a broader disagreement in settlement.

google play store naukri and 99acres

BharatMatrimony.com and Shaadi.com
The actual reason for the Google Play Store’s prohibition on BharatMatrimony and Shaadi.com is unclear. However, it is most likely tied to a dispute about service fees. Google charges developers to use its payment system within their apps, and these apps may have violated this policy by providing alternative payment methods.

google play store shaadi bharat matrimony

Truly Madly and QuackQuack
The exact reason for the restriction on Truly Madly and QuackQuack is unknown; however, it is most likely related to a billing dispute with Google. These dating apps, among others, may have refused to pay Google’s commission on in-app transactions, violating Google Play Store standards and perhaps causing their removal.

google play store trulymadly and quackquack

A vernacular video-streaming platform. As of March 5, 2024, Stage’s ban status remained unknown. Google Play may remove apps for violating its policies. The stage could be withdrawn for a variety of reasons, including worries about data privacy, misleading material, or billing compatibility issues; however, this has not been formally confirmed

google play store stage

Alt by Balaji Telefilms
Alt Balaji is an OTT platform. Unfortunately, without official information, I cannot determine why the Google Play Store banned Altt by Balaji Telefilms. However, possible causes for app suspensions include policy breaches such as hate speech or malware, security issues such as vulnerabilities, and deceptive activities such as phony reviews or misleading features. Consider looking for news articles or contacting the app creator for clarification.

google play store alt balaji

Kuku FM
An audio streaming and podcast app. The main reason for Kuku FM’s removal from the Google Play Store in early March 2024 is most likely due to a dispute over service fees between Google and Kuku FM. The Google Play Store charges app fees from developers for selling digital products through the Play Store and Kuku FM developers may refuse to pay that fee. So this is the main reason to ban Kuku FM on the Play Store.

google play store kuku fm

The disagreement started when Google imposed an in-app payment cost of 11% to 26% in response to the Competition Commission of India’s decision to replace the previous 15% to 30% tariff. Despite giving developers three years to adjust, Google implemented the change to guarantee consistent policy implementation throughout the ecosystem.

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