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Instagram Beta is an early-access program that allows Android users to try out new features and functionality before they’re officially released to the public. The Instagram team has created an Instagram beta program so that when they launch a new feature, they give it to the beta program users to use. Beta program users get a chance to use the new features and after using the features, they have to give their feedback on the basis of which the Instagram team improves the features and after that, it is available in the official Instagram update.

Instagram beta

This is done so that all the users can use the new features without any bugs. Instagram forms a small team to test their new programs and the team has to ensure that there are no problems or bugs in them before making them available to everyone. The beta program has been created specifically for Android devices. Anyone can join the beta program with early access.

If you would also like to use any of the new features, then you can also join the beta program by going to the Google Play Store. After joining, you will also get to use those features that have not been officially launched yet. Here’s what you need to know:

instagram beta

Early Access and New Features

If you are an Instagram beta tester, you will get to experience new and unreleased features before they are made available to their users. For instance, features like “dark mode” and “Zooming in on Profile Pictures” were accessible to beta testers about a month before their official release.

Feedback and improvements

After joining the Instagram beta program, you have to use the new features and give feedback. What are the bugs in the new feature and how have they improved? Seeing your feedback, the developer team of Instagram is making more improvements to it and making it completely bug-free so that when it launches officially, it will not cause any problems for any users.

Group Chat Conversation

Instagram is testing a feature that allows users to create a group in which they can add more people and users can engage with others by conversing with them. Group conversations will be viewed by everyone and anyone can interact with responses.

instagram beta

DM Themes

You will easily customize your Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) with various theme options. If you want to change the theme of any chat, then follow these steps:

  • Tap the chat button in the top right of your Instagram feed.
  • Select the conversation in which you want to change the theme.
  • Tap the chat name at the top, and then choose a theme.

Zooming in on Profile Pictures

Unfortunately, till now, Instagram has not provided any such features through which users can zoom in and view their profile photos. If you want to view anybody’s profile photo, then you need help from third-party apps a third-party app poses a huge security risk and there is also a risk of data leakage.

Everyone saw that Instagram beta has introduced the feature of zooming profile photos in its beta program and some work is still going on on it. The Instagram beta developer team will soon officially launch the zooming profile photo feature.

instagram beta

Location Tags

Instagram is testing location tags in Notes, allowing you to add specific locations to your posts. You can also find new friends by searching for your area’s location.

iOS Users

Unfortunately, Instagram Beta is not yet available on iOS devices. But the developer team of Instagram is working on it and they will soon launch the beta program for iOS as well.

Threads App

Instagram has recently launched an app called Threads. You can also call threads the next level of Instagram. Threads are mainly designed for close friends. You can share photos and videos on it, create groups, and chat. Threads also show feeds like Instagram and you can add close friends to them and select them, this will show your close friends’ posts.


Unique Features

There are some amazing features that are not available on other social apps. However, the Instagram Threads app provides those features free of charge.

Control who can reply

Users will choose who can reply to their messages and who will send messages.

Quick reactions

Quick reaction is the best feature that is given in almost all social apps. Threads also offers a quick react option without typing.


Users can easily customize their profile, DM theme, chat experience, personalized names, and emojis for their friends.

instagram beta

Multiple Links in Bio

Instagram’s previous version allowed only one link in the bio but by using the beta program, you can see that now you can have more than one link in your Instagram profile. This feature has just been officially launched. With the help of this feature, you can give links to all your social accounts in your bio and you can connect with your friends on all social platforms.

Scheduled Posts

If you are an influencer or an admin of a page, then this feature is best for you. After selecting a post and preparing its caption and hashtags, you can set its time and at that time the post will automatically share in your profile.

instagram beta
instagram beta

Reels Section

Instagram has created a separate section for reels. In this area, you will see only reels and videos.

How to Join Instagram Beta

If you want to join the beta program and you have an Android device, then follow these steps:

  • Download Instagram from the Google Play Store.
  • Visit the Instagram app page in the Play Store.
  • Scroll down and tap “Join” under the “Join the beta” section.

By participating, you agree to share app usage data with Instagram’s developers to help improve the app’s performance and features.

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