PUBG 3.1 Upcoming Update Date and More Details

Get ready for PUBG Mobile’s 6th-anniversary celebration on March 12, 2024! Join the celebrations as magic and madness mix on the battlefield, with the P90 new weapon resulting in a unique combination of thrills and instability. Explore the magical landscapes of Nimbus Island, where unknown lands, secret treasures, and daring challenges await your discovery.

pubg upcoming update

Enjoy yourself in Arabian Nights-themed action, which includes the classic Flying Carpet for thrilling airborne adventure and mystical portals for advanced strategy in Erangel Night Mode. Ready for exciting battles and thrilling experiences as you explore this amazing realm of fantastical illusion?

Join other fighters in thinking of this momentous achievement and enjoying an event full of excitement, adventure, and companionship as well. Get ready to make memories and create amazing wins on the battlefields of PUBG Mobile!

Here are a few things that you will get in PUBG 3.1 update

New Weapon P90

Introducing the P90, a powerful addition to the weapons supplied through airdrops. This weapon is recognized for its fast-firing capabilities and includes a built-in holographic scope, avoiding the need for additional attachments. Prepare for powerful close-range battles as the P90 changes in-game encounters, providing players with an outstanding option for attacking opponents with quick and deadly shooting.

pubg upcoming update

Nimbus Island

Get ready to discover “Nimbus Island,” the most latest area of interest in PUBG Mobile 3.1! In this exciting new location, you can explore new areas, fight for hidden loot, and face difficult challenges. Ready for a fantastic journey of excitement and adventure as you embark on this PUBG Mobile adventure!

pubg upcoming update

Night Mode Erangel

Prepare for Night Mode on Erangel in PUBG Mobile 3.1. This dynamic element appears at random and turns the map black, putting your navigation and combat skills to the test. Adapt to the shadows, outmaneuver your opponents, and enjoy the excitement of this thrilling new dimension in battle royale. Prepare for fierce nighttime clashes where smart thinking and quick reactions will be critical for victory in this exciting new addition to PUBG Mobile. Are you ready to confront the obstacles and emerge victorious in the dark?

pubg upcoming update

Arabian Nights Theme Mode

Prepare to have a wonderful experience with PUBG Mobile 3.1! Glide across the skies on Magic Carpets, pass through magical portals, and discover the wonders of the Arabian Nights. Prepare for an amazing battle royale adventure like never before! With exciting new features inspired by magic and fantasy, PUBG Mobile 3.1 aims to provide an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience for players of all ages. Prepare to go on this fantastic voyage!

Aladdin’s Portal and Genie Grenade

Prepare for crazy tools in PUBG Mobile 3.1! Genie Grenades would give joyful dances, while Aladdin’s portals enabled quick transportation. Prepare for battles full of shocks and strategic possibilities! With these fanciful features, PUBG Mobile 3.1 offers an explosive gaming experience, enticing players with inventive enhancements and providing never-ending excitement on the battlefield.

pubg upcoming update

Flying Carpet as Themed Vehicle

Journey on a fascinating adventure on Nimbus Island with the Flying Carpet, a unique vehicle providing unparalleled supremacy over competitors! Glide through the sky, explore the island in luxury, and show your supremacy in battle with this wonderful vehicle. Ready to experience thrilling fighting from an entirely novel viewpoint in PUBG Mobile 3.1?

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