WhatsApp Beta Android Latest Update 2024

WhatsApp frequently introduces new features for both its standard app and WhatsApp Business. This ongoing blog is dedicated to keeping you informed by summarizing the latest updates as they are announced. As WhatsApp evolves, Meta consistently adds, refines, and introduces new features and tools. Keeping track of these changes can be challenging, which is why we write this blog.

whatsapp beta update

Whenever Meta or WhatsApp announce new update plans for the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app, we promptly update this blog to ensure you stay informed.

whatsapp beta android update

Using WhatsApp Without a Phone Number

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to replace phone numbers with usernames, similar to how it works on Instagram. This feature has been in development since October 2023 and is nearing launch.

This update enables users to identify themselves with a username, reducing the need to share personal phone numbers in WhatsApp conversations. Users can select a username validated by WhatsApp to ensure uniqueness and compliance with specific criteria, such as using only alphanumeric characters.

Animated Emojis

Last year, WhatsApp announced its exploration of animated emojis using the Lottie framework. While support for animated emojis is still in development, WhatsApp is also adding support for Lottie stickers, as seen in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta update from the Google Play Store. These animated stickers enhance expressiveness and creativity in conversations, allowing users to convey emotions and messages with increased visual appeal.

whatsapp beta update

Block Profile Picture Screenshot

WhatsApp beta app for Android introduces a feature that will send a warning to users when anybody tries to capture a screenshot of their profile. This feature will give extra privacy. WhatsApp Beta has made this feature for the privacy of users‘ profile pictures. Due to this feature, the users’ profile picture will remain completely safe. When someone takes a screenshot, users will get a notification.

This feature will help to stop unauthorized users from capturing and sharing profile pictures without consent. Currently, WhatsApp does not notify users if someone takes a screenshot of their profile. Because this feature is not stable yet and millions of users use WhatsApp, work is being done on it right now so that users do not face any problems in using this feature.

Share Media in High Quality

WhatsApp beta for Android updates a feature that allows users to share media in higher quality. This update enables users to share images and videos with improved clarity, to catch every important detail preserved. It seems WhatsApp is now exploring additional features to make sharing high-quality media easier, without users manually adjusting settings for each photo or video. we found that WhatsApp is actively developing a feature to manage the quality of media uploads.

In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, available on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp future’s update allows users to select whether they want to send their photos and videos in high quality.

whatsapp beta android update

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