Why did YouTube delete 2.25 million Indian videos?

The Indian government removed 2.25 million YouTube videos from October to December 2023. People discussed how YouTube handles complaints and how often improper content is on the platform. This crucial removal highlights how difficult it is for YouTube to enforce community guidelines and protect its massive user base. The use of harmful or dangerous materials, worries about child safety, violent or aggressive imagery, and spreading false information contributed to the deletion of these records.


These offences relate to YouTube’s drug issues while providing a safe and valuable platform. Despite the removal of several videos, YouTube’s vetting methods remain questionable. Partners have trouble judging practice balance because the aim of removing records is unclear. Look for growth spots on YouTube. The sheer number of hazardous pharmaceuticals on the market and how they may affect customers, especially children and low-income families, is cause for concern for teens.

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Indian authorities have removed many videos, demonstrating that YouTube must immediately enhance its content control and enforcement to stop harmful online information, dangerous content, child safety concerns, violent or graphic content, nudity, and sexual content misinformation. India’s removal of 2.25 million YouTube videos shows how difficult internet content monitoring is. So consumers may use YouTube securely and effectively, YouTube must promote openness, uniformity, and efficiency.

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YouTube should make content moderation more transparent, explain content removal, and cooperate with partners to resolve issues. By controlling its content proactively and collaboratively, YouTube can better serve its consumers.

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