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If you want a BGMI no recoil and aimbot file, then you are in the right place. There are many different kinds of files, like the ESP , No Grass and Tree,...
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If you want a BGMI no recoil and aimbot file, then you are in the right place. There are many different kinds of files, like the ESP, No Grass and Tree, body colour, and many more. But today we discuss about no recoil and a 360 aimbot with more extra files. The new “No Recoil” and “Aimbot” features of BGMI are here to revolutionize the way you play! 🚀💪 Say goodbye to annoying recoil and welcome to perfect correctness in every shot. The weapon’s crosshairs will stay extremely stable because of the “No Recoil” feature, providing you with legendary control over your shots. The official BGMI version is available on the Google Play Store.

As well as, this is not all at all! We’re here to help you improve your targeting precision by using our No Recoil, No Shake and Aimbot features. 🎯🔥 With perfect every-shot accuracy, automatically lock on to targets. You didn’t need to set your aim on your enemy. Just tap on the file button, and your aim is automatically set on your target. Offering the satisfying headshots that every gamer has frequently wanted in their life! 💥💪These latest modifications aim at improving your BGMI experience and helping you advance your gaming abilities, no matter your preference for casual or friendly competition. 📈✨

What is the BGMI No Recoil File?

As well, you are also facing the recoil and shaking of a gun in BGMI, and it’s very difficult to set aim and kill your enemy because of the gun shake and gun going on top. We are here, so don’t worry about that. We fix this and come with no recoil. There is no recoil and no shaking of the gun. Just set your aim on your enemy and fire your aim, or the gun won’t shake or go up.

Recoil is a main problem that faces every player in BGMI. So, that’s why we come with BGMI no recoil and aimbot. No recoil is an environment in Battleground Mobile India, which usually refers to updates in the game that completely reduce the recoil of every weapon in the game, having an effect on the weapon’s accuracy as well as stability. Because of the no-recoil file, you are able to hit the fire button without thinking about or feeling the effects of recoil. This is a huge advantage of BGMI no recoil file. Remembering that using these cheats is considered unfair and illegal gameplay and that it also violates the game’s terms of service is crucial.

360° Hard Aimbot (VIP)

In the environment of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), an aimbot is a specific kind of file that assists players in aiming and gives them an unfair advantage by automatically aiming at opponents. Aimbot file changes the gameplay of every player. That improves your targeting skills as well as the illegal correctness of the aim. It’s hard to aim at your enemy, so don’t worry about that with Aimbot. This feature is brilliant because of its work, and you do not try to aim at your enemy; just click on the fire button. Aimbot automatically turns your aim on your enemy and fixes it with glue.

You do not need to spend time on setting your gun’s aim at your opponent. Aimbot does it by and allowing you to lock your aim automatically on enemies. In the framework of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), the idea of “high damage” is generally used to change the weapon’s damage to high-level damage. This file increases the damage to all weapons, and this cheat gives you unreachable advantages.

Don’t forget that all types of cheating violate the terms and services of the game, as well as these hacks play unfair gameplay. So basically, if you use any hack, you break the terms of service and guidelines of the game, or the BGMI anti-cheat system finds any kind of hack in your game, then they will ban or suspend your account permanently. But BGMI has been banned in India a few times before, so the servers are at a low level, so don’t worry about the account ban.

Features in BGMI No Recoil Apk

  • 360° hard aimbot
  • High Damage
  • No Recoil / No Shake
  • No bullet spread all guns
  • Instant hit
  • Fast weapons switch
  • Prone speed 25x
  • Crouch speed 25x
  • Knock speed 25x
  • Jiggle speed
  • No smoke FPP/TPP
  • X-Hit Effect
  • Long-range hit
  • Fully anti-cheat removed
  • Fully safe
  • Main account safe

High Damage

This obb also comes with high damage. Approximately, this BGMI high damage is powerful enough to knock down your enemy in 3–6 bullets. Basically, you need to shoot 12–18 bullets at your enemy to kill them. You can also damage any vehicle with a few bullets.

Player Speed

In this section, your player has extra speed in every section, like prone speed, crouch speed, knock speed, and jiggle speed. Your player moves fast in every situation compared to the other player.

No Smoke and No Fog

Sometimes smoke and fog create problems in our view, and the negative point is that you didn’t see your enemies or cars. So we clear up this negative point. There is no smoke or fog in your game; you can easily find (see) and kill your target.

Fully Safe

Our files are fully safe; these files are risk-free. Use them without worrying about account ban or suspended. But you do one thing while playing the game, play like a normal player don’t play brutally or avoid reports.


Play the fair game like other players or avoid reports; don’t play brutally. Kill limit: 8–10 kills per match. Don’t kill more than 10. Play like a normal player, like you didn’t know about the other player’s activity.

How to download and install BGMI No Recoil and Aimbot?

  • First, find the download button and click on it.
  • Download the file and extract the files into a new folder.
  • In a zip file, there are two OBB files.
  • The first one is the activation obb. [isko game open karne se pehle paste karna hai]
  • This obb replaces your recent OBB file in the Android>obb>”com.pubg.imobile” folder.
  • Now open your game and wait to enter the lobby.
  • Now minimise your game and go back to your download folder.
  • Now select and copy the second obb and paste it in the Android>obb>”com.pubg.imobile” folder.[dusri obb ko lobby mein paste krna hai match suru karne se pehle]
  • Now back to your game, start the match, and enjoy the game.


1. Is the BGMI No Recoil and Aimbot Config hack legal for use?

No, these hacks are not legal to use. These types of files violate the guidelines of the game.

2. If I use the No Recoil and Aimbot file is my account safe or not?

Basically, these files are safe for use, but if the BGMI anti-cheat system detects any hack in your game, then your account will be banned.

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No Recoil file and Aimbot 100% Anti-ban



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