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Unlock the next level of your creativity with LightX Premium Mod Apk– the ultimate photo editing app. Access all premium features, AI advanced editing tools, AI filters, AI effects and other amazing editing tools.
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LightX Premium Mod Apk is the best version of the LightX Photo Editor app. LightX is one of the world’s most popular editing apps. LightX is a game-changer in the editing world. In LightX, you will get various amazing editing tools.

With the help of these tools, you will easily edit your image and give it a brilliant look. LightX’s groundbreaking AI tools take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. The image-to-image AI model seamlessly enhances every detail, turning snapshots into masterpieces. LightX is the best photo editor for Android devices.

If you want to edit your photo with extra filters, stickers, animations, and effects, you can edit your images in LightX with the help of unique tools. After editing, you can quickly save your photo or directly share it on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Dive into a variety of pre-designed, customizable, and printable templates. Tailored for marketing, social media, events, and anniversaries, these templates cater to every need.

The AI product photo editor generates templates for your products, allowing you to create sale flyers, and showcase images, ads, and promotional materials effortlessly. LightX’s intelligent technology enhances regular product photos, delivering stunning visuals.

From clarity to dynamic backgrounds, it transforms your product images. Beyond basic edits, LightX offers various tools that help you change colors, correct hues, compress images, create silhouettes, and perform precise cutouts. You can also become a creator on LightX, upload your masterpiece, and show your creativity level to other people.

Lightx Premuim apk

What is the LightX Premium Mod Apk?

LightX Premium Mod apk has all the premium features that are not available in the regular version of LightX. You can use all the premium features of LightX. So, you can easily edit your image with LightX Premium tools. Premium grants you access to a plethora of professionally designed templates. Whether you’re creating social media posts, flyers, or invitations, these templates save time and ensure your designs look polished.

LightX Premium Apk Mod helps you give a professional look to your images and videos. This version allows you to use all the premium features. You can remove the background from your image, give it a unique look with effects or AI effects, and use filters or save your project in HQ. LightX Premium is slightly the same as Kinemaster Premium, CapCut Premium, and Canva Premium.

These are apps that help you create excellent and professional projects. LightX Premium Mod provides a fantastic collection of editing tools with advanced AI tools for photo and video editing on your mobile device. The best thing is that LightX Premium is available on our website.

Should you need to use LightX Premium Mod and why?

The LightX Premium Apk Mod latest version gives you features that you do not find in the regular version. These features are fantastic and amazing for editing, but they are also paid. Premium features are mostly used by professional editors, and if you also want to use them, then you will also have to become a premium member of Lightx. To become a premium member, you must purchase the premium pack from Lightx developers. If you buy the premium pack of Lightx from its official store, then it is absolutely secure and safe. Lightx’s team keeps your data secure.

LightX Premium Mod Apk stands out from other photo editing applications due to its easy-to-use interface, powerful tools, and extensive range of features. Whether you want to make simple adjustments or experiment with complex editing techniques, LightX Premium Apk has got you covered. But if you use any cracked version of Lightx, it will give you all the premium features for free, and the cracked version is also not secure.

The LightX cracked version is illegal to use because it violates the terms of service of the official app. If you use the cracked version, then your private data may also be stolen. The cracked version of Lightx gives all premiums for free, but there is the same risk of data leaks. We would advise you that if you want to enjoy the premium features of Lightx, then you should not use the cracked version matte but buy the premium pack from the Lightx store.

We also have other editing apps similar to LightX, like Canva Premium and CapCut Premium. These are also very amazing editing apps for which you will get premium features.

Lightx Premuim apk

Key Features of LightX Premium Mod Latest Version

  • Ad-free
  • No Watermark
  • Background Remover
  • Save Images in HQ
  • All Tools Unlocked
  • AI Effects Unlocked
  • AI Filters Unlocked
  • All Sticker Unlocked
  • Premium Fonts Unlocked
  • Premium Effects Unlock
  • Premium Frames Unlocked
  • Premium Filters Unlocked
  • AI Editing Tools Unlocked
  • Text and sticker overlays
  • Collage and montage options
  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • Face editing and retouching tools

What are the benefits of LightX Premium Apk Mod Latest Version?

No Watermark

The regular version of LightX has a watermark, and the watermark on your photos and videos does not look good. But this LightX premium Mod has no watermark. This version will help you remove the watermark from photos and videos.

Ad-Free Environment

With LightX Premium latest version, you can edit your photos without interrupting advertisements, which helps you focus on your creative ideas without any disturbance from annoying ads. You can edit limitless images and show your creative flow. Say goodbye to distractions and focus solely on enhancing your images.

Lightx Premuim no ads

AI Magic

The magic lies in LightX’s AI capabilities. With Premium, you gain access to AI filters, background removal, and headshot generators. These tools transform your photos into captivating works of art. Imagine turning a regular selfie into a stunning portrait with just a few taps!

Remove Objects

Sometimes, some people and objectives appear in your photos, but you do not want them. If so, then you can remove it with the help of an object remover. Just select the thing, mark it with a remover, and click image was ready as you want.

AI Editing Tools

AI tools mean artificial intelligence tools. LightX AI editing tools are next-level tools with advanced editing features. You can make your image into an AI image and apply AI filters and effects. You can also use AI tools in the video editing section. These AI tools give your photos and videos a different and amazing look.

Lightx Premuim apk

Retouching and Face Editing

Enhance your portraits with retouching tools that allow you to smooth skin, remove blemishes, and adjust facial features. LightX Premium Apk makes face editing simple and effective, ensuring your subjects look their best.

LightX Premium Filters

Unlock a treasure trove of premium filters, effects, and presets that are not available in the regular version. From artistic to dramatic, there are endless possibilities to enhance your images. These unique styles allow you to change your image look to AI, which is the best part of it. You can enhance your photos with artificial intelligence and give them amazing transformations by adjusting brightness and contrast and using filters and effects.

LightX Premium AI filters and effects give your image a premium look. If you want to do something different from other people, then you can use LightX Premium filters to give your photo a different look. There are many different types of filters, including AI filters, that you can use in your projects always to create and give a unique look to your photos.

Photo Collage and Montage

Create stunning collages and montages with LightX Premium Apk’s easy-to-use tools. Whether you want to combine multiple photos or create a unique composition, this feature allows you to showcase your creativity.

Lightx Premuim apk

High-Resolution Editing

With LightX Premium, you will not have to compromise the quality of your photos; you can save your photos in high quality. So you can see every little piece of information easily. This is a premium or professional feature that you do not get in the regular version, and this is the feature that all professional editors want.

Edit or Remove Background

There are features in LightX Premium Unlock that allow for background editing or removal. There are various background images in LightX Premium. If you want to change your image’s background, then you can choose one from LightX backgrounds according to your choice or upload any image for background from your device.

Lightx Premuim apk

Crop and Rotate

With LightX Premium Modd Apk, you can easily crop and rotate your images to achieve the perfect composition. Whether you want to straighten a crooked horizon or focus on a specific subject, the crop and rotate tools offer precise control over your edits.

Blending and Overlay

Experiment with blending modes and overlay effects to create dynamic and visually appealing images. LightX Premium Mod Apk offers a wide range of blending options to enhance the depth and texture of your photos.

Lightx Premuim apk

Artistic Effects and Painting

Transform your photos into works of art with artistic effects and painting tools in the LightX Premium Mod Apk. Experiment with textures, colors, and styles to create visually captivating images.

Adding Text and Stickers

Easily personalize your photos with text overlays and stickers using the LightX Premium Apk. Whether you want to add a caption, quote, or fun element to your images, this feature allows you to unleash your creativity. You can directly add text to your photo and upload your text-generated image to your social media account, and there is no need to write captions for that image.

Text to AI Image

This is a fantastic feature in the LightX Premium apk. In this section, you can make an AI image from your thoughts or simple text, and users can edit it with several types of filters, effects, and many more tools.

Lightx Premuim apk

Free Graphic Design Templates

Dive into a treasure trove of pre-designed, customizable, and printable templates tailored for various purposes. Whether you’re promoting events, creating banners, or designing invitations, LightX has you covered. Explore themes for marketing, social media, anniversaries, and more. These templates are not only practical but also free!

Utilizing Custom Presets and Templates

Make use of custom presets and templates in LightX Premium Apk to expedite your editing workflow and achieve consistent results. By creating and saving your own presets, you can easily apply your favorite edits to future projects with a single click.

Advanced Editing Tools

There are some advanced editing tools in the LightX Premium apk mod that every professional editor wants. These advanced editing tools help you a lot in photo editing and help you edit photos like a professional editor. You can easily crop, rotate, resize, color adjust, and do many more things.

Lightx Premuim apk

What is the price of LightX?

Lightx provides two types of services. One is free, which you can get in its free version normally on the Google Play Store and the other is a premium membership. To become a premium member, you have to buy a premium subscription from LightX developers. The premium plan of LightX starts at Rs 499 per month and Rs 3999 per year. You can see below that we have compared the free and premium versions.

LightX Free Version

  • 1GB Cloud storage
  • Save with watermark
  • Access to free templates
  • Only free features are available
  • Access to free filters and effects
  • Access to free stickers and designs
  • Access to use only free design and video templates

LightX Premium Mod

  • No watermark
  • Save in high-quality
  • Access to all premium designs
  • Access to all premium features
  • Unlock AI advanced editing tools
  • Remove and change the background
  • Access to use AI filters and effects
  • Access all premium filters and effects

How to download LightX Premium Apk?

  • First, find the download button and click on it.
  • Now, your downloading page will appear.
  • Click on the LightX Premium Mod Apk download button.
  • Now, your file is starting to download.
  • After downloading the LightX Premium Mod Apk, it is automatically saved to your device.

How to install the LightX Pro Apk?

  • Now go to your File Manager>Download folder and find the LightX Pro Mod Apk.
  • Tap on the LightX Pro apk mod and click on the install button.
  • In a few seconds, the app will be installed on your device.
  • After installing the app on your device, tap on the open button and enjoy the premium features.

LightX Pro FAQ?

  1. Is LightX Pro available for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, LightX Pro is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  2. Can I create collages with LightX?

    Yes, you can easily make a collage in LightX, quickly customize borders, and add text and stickers.



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